A large portion of Americans starts their day by getting a cup of freshly brewed espresso from a coffee shop, namely Starbucks. It’s the fuel we all need to operate well for the rest of the day, but this habit may diminish into only a dream by 2050.

Global warming, the heat

Global warming is an epidemic with earth’s temperature rising at what seems to be miniscule, but a major issue for every living being. This increase in temperature will make areas that used to be filled with ripe coffee beans turn into barren land because coffee can’t survive there anymore. Sure, farmers can move upward, but how far up do you think they can go?


With global warming, there is a prediction of more diseases that will hit plantation hard and this time, they will have a hard time to survive. Such as stem rust which hit hard in 2012-13 and caused price jump of up to 33% that year. In the future, if the issue is not seriously addressed, the impact will be worse and a cup of coffee will become a luxurious drink to have.

Reduced pollination

With the rising heat, insects that are not usually heat-resistant and are common pollinators for coffee will be gone. This means reduced harvests from coffee trees.

Reduced variety

Did you know that are over 124 species of coffee in the world? And did you know that recently, scientists have found 60% of these species to be under endangered category? Yes, we are losing a wide variety of coffee beans and coffee lovers do have a reason to panic. For example, a certain slow-growing stenophylla was believed to have been gone for 60 years are luckily found in Sierra Leone and are now being tested for mass breeding to protect the species.