How do you know if coffee is good? You taste it and you can feel if there is impurity inside it. Next would be the smell of the coffee itself and at the end of the day, it depends on your preferences. Some people like their coffee fresh and fruity while others might like it rough and bitter.

Here are tips to make sure you find the best coffee in town!


The barista can be awesome, the atmosphere could be just perfect and they have the best machine in town. But it comes down to not just those things but also the beans. Your barista must know what kind of coffee beans he is using and without having to taste it first, there are a couple of things you can notice. First is if your barista can tell you where and when the coffee is harvested and roasted. An exact date tells you if the beans are fresh and the location indicates pride in being a quality farmer of the beans.

Arabica beans

Between arabica and robusta, arabica beans have more delicate care because they are not roasted for too long, maintaining their fruity essence. A wide-variety of a method to brew them will produce different flavors and scents, while robusta tends to lose its variety in exchange for a more face-slapping effect when drunk.

Ceramic container

Yes! Coffeeshops who look like they proudly present their coffee beans in see-through containers are actually ruining the taste by doing so. Ceramic containers shield sunlight and prevent the taste from changing.

Daily machine cleanup

The coffee machine you use every day has to be cleaned daily as well. To maintain the freshness and taste of your coffee, the leftover of what you had last night will affect the taste terribly.