Omaha is best when you get to enjoy its cup of coffee and just enjoy the fresh atmosphere of the neighborhood. If you are new to the place or just want to have a change of heart by finding a new place, here are some suggestions you should go with.

Archetype Coffee

If you want something that is very Omaha, Archetype Coffee is the café to go. You can never go wrong with the smooth and fresh coffee in this place. Located on 3926 Farnam St. and 1419 S. 13th St, the place has been very popular for youngsters and coffee lovers because of the atmosphere and the taste.

Jones Bros. Cupcakes

If you want someplace with a rather light and bubbly atmosphere, Jones Bros. Cupcakes has it all. From coffee to boba tea to hang out with your non-coffee lovers, the place serves eateries such as cupcakes to go with your drink. The recommendation would be to get the drinks served in light bulbs and the cupcakes because that’s exactly what they are famous for. Moreover, those bulbs are reusable!

Howlin’ Hounds Coffee

If you want a classic coffee shop reek of everything vintage and just coffee-lover, the Howlin’ Hounds Coffee by Greg will make you fall in love all over again with coffee. A pet-friendly space, you get to enjoy your cup of coffee and not just that. It’s one of those places where you can also enjoy pleasant conversation with strangers, especially the owner, Greg.

Well Grounded Coffee

Another beautiful place to have a cup of coffee is Well Grounded Coffee. The place has a rustic design and is very cozy. It is a great place to just spend your afternoon while reading a book or just enjoy a nice chat with a friend.