Starbucks Has Banned Porn In Their Coffee Shops

Recently Starbucks has issued a block on pornography in all their shops. This ban has been enforced since the beginning of 2019. This is the only solution they were able to find to the increase in consumption of pornographic content they detected within their stores. Starbucks has previously been criticized by the NGO for not following up on its promise to deliver this ban in 2016. This NGO has collected 26000 signatures to push Starbucks into enacting this ban.

The justification for this was the fact that convicted sex offenders could come into Starbucks and watch child pornography or the like. Such a thing has happened before, raising concern among parents. Enough is Enough claimed this to be dangerous for people in the stores and have been alarming every shop chain since 2014.

 They also said that this was done to protect children from coming across free porn because a free unblocked hotspot would let them get around any content inhibitors their parents placed on their devices, saying, again, that this presents a danger for the minors in the establishment.

The main concern of this NGO was the safety of the children, which is commendable on its own. The ban, however, caused tremors in the LGBTQ community. They are concerned that this ban would produce the same problems the McDonalds ban from 2011 caused. McDonald’s accidentally blocked any website that had anything to do with the LGBTQ community including support websites. The community was, of course, outraged by this and sparked a riot on social media. The LGBTQ community were not the only ones who are affected by the Starbucks ban.

YouPorn was also outraged by this new block. So much so that they are banning employees from bringing Starbucks into the offices. The day after the ban was announced, all employees received an email from the executives warning them of the repercussions of this ban, showing just how much this ban outraged them. Starbucks is yet to respond to this ban, but, considering the pressure they are receiving from the NGO, the bans are here to stay. This will most likely cause Enough is Enough to start campaigning against YouPorn. On the other side of the spectrum, YouPorn employees speculate if the executives would ban products of other chains that have bans on adult content such as McDonald’s.